Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Little Girls

I want to sink my teeth into those soft little cheeks!

These two love the shower. Ever since they could sit up we put them in the shower and they have just gotten used to it.

Brinley decided she would take her soup off of the table and share it with her little sister! Everyday she tells me how she is not my little girl but a "big siser"

Brinley loves books. I can't tell if they are reading or fighting!

Such good buddies!

Brinley and cousins.

Ashlan has discovered that the kitchen has drawers! She did this herself!

I could eat little Ashy!

Stuck in her crib and angry.

Brinley, James, and Daniel playing Xbox. Brinley has this thing with ears and the need to touch them. Ever since she was about 1 year old she always has someones ear in her hand playing with their soft earlob. I sometimes catch her with her own.

Brinley went with me to take Ridge to preschool.

Ashlan watching TV.

Mom and Brinley.

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!
King Salmon, they were yummy!!!

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls