Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brinley loves to hold Ashlan when she has her naps.

My two scholars, they love reading books!

Brinley loves her Uncle Brayden!

Brinley had a special day with Grandma Peck, where they went to the park, got a hamburger, make cupcakes, drew pictures and played!!! Brinley had so much fun, it wasn't 5 minutes after leaving Grandma's she was asleep in the car! Thanks Grandma Peck for making it such a special day for Brinley she loved every minute!

Ashlan with her big wagon and her little one!

Family Time!!!

Brinley & Ashlan's first time going to the civil defense caves.

Brinley & Ashlan playing in the sand with James and Brayden.

Ashlan love her daddy!

Ash trying to snag some of Brinley's sparkle donut!

Getting ready to go boating!

Playing with Cousins!!!

Brinley playing with Chloe & Savanna

Ashlan & Berkley

Ice Cream @ Grandma Peck's

Berkley & Brinley in their costumes for the play
that Chloe and Savanna put on!

Savanna & Brinley @ Grandma Peck's.

Whats Been Happening This Summer!

Ashlan on the pontoon boat.

Brinley pushing baby Ashlan and the Moose!

Ash Pushing her "Baby Owl" around.

Fam in Las Vegas!

Getting ready for Church.

First Airplane Ride for the Girls, they did great!

Brinley thinks she is going on a trek with her snowboots
and baby Moose she is packing, it might be a bit cold!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!
King Salmon, they were yummy!!!

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls