Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Little Girls

I want to sink my teeth into those soft little cheeks!

These two love the shower. Ever since they could sit up we put them in the shower and they have just gotten used to it.

Brinley decided she would take her soup off of the table and share it with her little sister! Everyday she tells me how she is not my little girl but a "big siser"

Brinley loves books. I can't tell if they are reading or fighting!

Such good buddies!

Brinley and cousins.

Ashlan has discovered that the kitchen has drawers! She did this herself!

I could eat little Ashy!

Stuck in her crib and angry.

Brinley, James, and Daniel playing Xbox. Brinley has this thing with ears and the need to touch them. Ever since she was about 1 year old she always has someones ear in her hand playing with their soft earlob. I sometimes catch her with her own.

Brinley went with me to take Ridge to preschool.

Ashlan watching TV.

Mom and Brinley.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday Drive

We went exploring after church. We drove along the river, drove up muddy mountains, and watched a pretty sunset. It was a good time.

Brinley and Dad at the feeder canal.

The little girls had a party because while we were on the mountian roads going slower we all rode in the front and they didn't sit in there seats. They never have done that before.

A picture of the Tetons from one of the hills we were on.

Every time I got out to look at something my little shadow would throw her boots out and try to climb down so she could be with her "buddy". I am that lucky buddy.

Both little heads peeking out.

Ashland turned into an angry baby.

So I put her on a hill and ran back to the truck to see what she would do. Yaa...She stopped crying!

Then Brinley wanted put on that same hill and told me to run back like I did with Ashi (everything has to be equal you know). So I did and she started crying because she thought we were going to leave her. Now I'm confused!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little girls

Everyday I am excited to come home and enjoy these little dolls!

Brinley was mauling me the other night before bed while I was trying to read. I told her loud "I'm going to go crazy" Brinley replied "OK.....go caaazy"

The next day Brinley was bent down and I put my finger in her plumbers crack and asked "Whats that?". She said as she uncomfortably moved away "Dats my yitty cak!" (Interpretation - That's my little crack)

Ashy does not use bottles.

Amy took this picture. Brinley must have hurt her nose? Otherwise why would there be a bandaid on it?

We caught a snow fairy!

Brinley and I were driving around and caught some RAW footage of living, breathing snow fairy. I had heard that they existed but it is kind of like bigfoot, you don't believe it till you see it.

I had to fire Amy

Amy is no longer in charge of updating the blog. She is in charge of the background, music, and anything else that would take a feminin touch. Brinley & I will load stories and pictures for your entertainment.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brinely & Ashlan


Arnold Uncles

Ashlan with her uncles aren't they cute!!!


Brinley and Ashlan absolutely love playing with each other. Every morning when Ashi wakes up she immeditely has to see where her sister is at. I don't know what they did without each other.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cousin Time!!!

Brinley and Ashlan playing with Ridge and McKenzie.

More Cousin Time!!!

Brinley had so much fun playing with her cousins!!!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!
King Salmon, they were yummy!!!

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls