Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Girls!

In trouble for putting marker on their faces.
 Ash eating cereal.
 Ash in Mommies shoes.
Brinley getting Ash ready to play in the rain!
Playing on the deck.


Marcy M Miller said...

What cute little girls and congrats for the one on the way.

Kaylynne said...

So fun to have a new blog post from you, even when we see each other often! I know it's an effort, but thanks! I just want to eat my little grand daughters up.(so to speak) They are so sweet and do and say such cute things! I want to cry with them in the picture with marker on their faces. I went to make brownie pudding the other day and found all the cookie cutters in the flour drawer, had to smile!Can't wait for your new little girl to get here!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!

Daniel's BIG Catch in Alaska!!!
King Salmon, they were yummy!!!

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls Family

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls